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Childhood is often measured by outgrown shoes, pencil marks on doorframes, and handprints on Mother’s Day gifts. But if the sizes and inches that mark your child’s development refuse to budge or rise faster than expected, it may be a sign there’s a glitch in their hormone production.

When you’re looking for a trusted pediatric endocrinologist in Orlando, FL, turn to The Endocrine Co. We specialize in personalized endocrinology care to bring your child’s body back in balance and improve their quality of life. There’s no waiting at a hospital when you get in touch with The Endocrine Co.


Conditions We Treat

Our team provides customized solutions that target the root cause of your child’s symptoms, offering the relief your child deserves.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

At The Endocrine Co, we treat PCOS for women of childbearing age. If you have menstrual irregularity, excess hair growth, acne, or obesity, we can help. We offer flexible scheduling with direct access to your doctor.

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Growth Disorders

If your child’s development doesn’t align with the growth rate of their classmates or their pediatrician detects variations in normal growth patterns, our pediatric endocrinologist in Orlando, FL can help determine what’s speeding up or slowing down hormone production.

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Early Puberty

Boys who present signs of puberty before age 9 or girls who do before age 8 are often diagnosed with precocious puberty. The condition usually doesn’t present a health risk, but may be a sign of an underlying health condition and could potentially lead to psychosocial concerns, as well as it could compromise final height.

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Delayed Puberty

Teens can feel self-conscious around kids their age if their development stalls. While some kids are just late bloomers, others may require hormone therapy transiently to jump-start puberty. In some instances, children could be in permanent need of hormone replacement.

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Thyroid Disorders

The thyroid plays a vital role in a child’s growth, and conditions like hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism can impact their development. With the right medication, your child can help keep their thyroid in check.

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Medically-Supervised Weight Loss

Weight gain isn’t always caused by poor nutrition or a lack of activity – hormones can often be the culprit. Depending on the child’s medical history, Dr. Penny can recommend an action plan to treat the issue.

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Here's what our satisfied patients are saying...

Matthew Sumrahadi
Matthew Sumrahadi
Dr. Pauley is amazing. Dr. Pauley is very patient, kind and knowledgeable, I am very happy with the positive improvements of my health. She is on top of everything and always follow up with her patients. Takes the time to explain diagnosis and treatment. Values the patient opinion. I will recommend Dr. Pauley Endocrinology Doctor.
Meghan Surrell
Meghan Surrell
I am so thankful we found Dr.Pauley! I cannot say enough amazing things about her. She has truly been a God send for our son, and without her we probably still wouldn’t have answers and a path towards growth. Not only does she put her patients first, but she TRULY cares about each and every one and will go Above and beyond to help in a way she can. This is truly the best investment we’ve spent for our son and he is THRILLED with his results and loves Dr.Pauley!
Mario John
Mario John
We have been to a number of pediatric endocrinologist and Dr. Pauley is by far the best in central Florida. She is extremely good at what she does. Her bedside manner is impeccable and she speaks to her patients with such easy. We have seen excellent results under her care. I recommend her without reservation.
Sherry Nixon
Sherry Nixon
Dr Pauley is an answer to prayer. We have searched and seen several Endocrinologists for our child. And she is by far the most caring, professional and supportive physician we have ever experienced. She makes sure our child is empowered to be informed and apart of decision making process for disease management. She is extremely patient and timely with any our questions or concerns. My phone calls are answered by HER , not an on-call attendant or a response from an on-line portal. In addition , Dr Pauley goes above and beyond with a complete care approach. She not only treats the endocrine issues but looks at the complete picture of our child including quality of life and research to provide a unique care plan. . We have never had a doctor care so much and be so attentive to even the small details.
Darlene Eckert
Darlene Eckert
Dr. Pauley is the best of the best. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, loving, full of joy and energy, and exceptionally kind. She ALWAYS prioritizes her patients, and makes sure they feel comfortable and valued. She is always available for questions and guidance. We are so blessed to have found her to take care of our son ???? ❤️
Ryi R
Ryi R
Amazing Doctor. Makes every patient’s experiences feel unique and understood. Every question I have about my disorders from the serious to the kind of stupid she answers with the upmost honesty, and always makes sure I fully understand what I am getting into, especially when dealing with medication changes. Dr. Pauley answer extremely quick as well if I have ever left her a message, it is normally answered within that day if not that hour.
Emily Smith
Emily Smith
I am so thankful to have found Dr. Pauley to treat my teenager - where my teen isn’t just a number and isn’t just a reflection of her lab numbers - she’s a person with feelings and goals. Dr. Pauley works very well with my teen to identify and set goals, and follows up and checks in with her. She takes our feelings into consideration when developing a treatment plan. As a parent it’s so great to know that if I need anything at all, Dr. Pauley is just a text or phone call away. Dr. Pauley’s responsiveness and level of care is second to none. If you want a Dr who feels more like family as opposed to just someone who writes your prescriptions, come see Dr. Pauley!
Nick Geraci
Nick Geraci
I tried Dr Pauely`s weight loss program after seeing my wife have great results from it. After only a week I was down a few pounds already and my cravings were a lot less. I highly recommend trying her program if your having a hard time dropping weight. She also checks in weekly to make sure I am doing okay. Try it! You won't be disappointed!
Terri Matthews
Terri Matthews
After having my son I decided I needed a little help losing the weight and sought out Dr Pauley's help. I had heard through friends that were on the program of their great results. After a few short weeks I was down 10 pounds, and the weight continues to come off weekly! Through Dr Pauley's guided program, I did not have any side effects and she was there every step of the way checking in on me and giving advise so that I could reach my weight loss goals safely. I could not be happier and highly recommend her weight loss program!

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Why Choose Direct Care for Your Child

Finding a children’s endocrinologist can be difficult. Getting on their busy schedule can feel impossible.

We know when your child is struggling, you want to get them care as soon as possible. The Endocrine Co is different from your traditional pediatric endocrinology practice. Not only do we specialize in children’s growth disorders, we can see your child within a few days of your call.

Because The Endocrine Co is a direct pay, membership-based pediatric clinic, your child will receive the highest quality care from one of the nation’s top pediatric endocrinologists for one low monthly fee – no insurance and no referral needed!

No more waiting for callbacks that never come. As a member, you can speak directly to Dr. Penny – she’s just a call, text or email away!

Your child is unique, so their medical care should be, too. You can expect a tailor-made plan from Dr. Penny at every visit.

Because of the smaller practice size, you can expect more time with Dr. Penny at each visit.

Your child can be seen for a face-to-face or telemedicine endocrinology appointment within 24 to 48 hours.

Dr. Penny left the traditional practice setting to become a better advocate for her patients and their conditions.


About Dr. Penelope Pauley

My heart is with every child who comes into our clinic. I know the emotional toll of a growth or puberty disorder can often be harder to manage than the physical symptoms, so I launched The Endocrine Co as a welcoming space where kids feel comfortable and treated like the incredible individuals they are.

As a direct care pediatric endocrinologist, I’m dedicated to building a close relationship with your family to better customize care to your one-of-a-kind kid. With an accurate diagnosis, tailored hormone therapy, and regular monitoring, our skilled and knowledgeable team at The Endocrine Co can help your child thrive!

– Dr. Penny

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